RuneScape SwiftKit Mobile 2.12.03

Source:Bluelight Dev

Best RuneScape Android app out! Check stats, item prices, advent log and more!

Play RuneScape and want to check player stats or lookup an item? This app will do just that, and more.

Full Version Features:
* No advertisements
* Skill Calculators
* Combat Calculator
* GE Price History Graphs
* Username Availability Checker
* World Map
* No daily lookup limits

* Stats Lookup
* Adventurer's Log
* Item Lookup (prices included)
* NPC Lookup
* Latest RuneScape News

Stat icons and trademark 'RuneScape' belong to Jagex Ltd. Bluelight Dev and Jagex are not affiliated.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 14:19:19
File size:2.69MB

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